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Biodegradable Plastic Bag Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Poly Bag Unit

Supply Ability: 6 Million per month
* From January 2020 supply capacity will be 25 million Pcs per month

Types of Machine:      PP Machine 2 Unit
                                        PE Machine 4 Unit
                                        Printing Machine 1 Unit (4 color)
                                        Bottom Sealing Machine 1 Unit
                                        Side Sealing Machine 2 Unit
                                        Hanger poly Cutting 1 Unit
                                        Shopping Bag machine 2 Unit
                                        Garbage Bag machine 2 Unit 

Biodegradable Poly Bag

Woven Label Unit

Capacity:  5.5 Million Pcs Per Month 

Types of Machine: Rapier Loom | Needle Loom | Shuttle Loom | Warping Machine | Air Jet Machine | Dye Cutting Machine | Ultrasonic woven Cutting Machine

Types of Machine:      MEI 4 Unit
                                   Dye Cutting 1 Unit
                                   Ultrasonic Cutting 4 unit

Trims Sourcing Offset Printing Machine

Offset Printing Unit

Number of machine:  Offset printing Machine- 4 Nos
                                        Plate Making Machine – 1 Nos
                                        Lamination Machine 1 No
                                        Auto Dye Cutting Machine – 12 Nos
                                        Paper cutting Machine – 2 Nos
                                        UV Lamination Machine – 1 No
                                        Foil Printing Machine – 1 Nos

Trims sourcing flexo printing machine

Printed Label Unit

Number of machine:  5 Colour Rotary Printing Label 1 Set (Made in China)
                                        4 Colour Flexo Printing Label 1 Set (Made in China)
                                        4 Colour Rotary prininting Label 1 Set (Made in China)
                                        Ultra Sonic Cuting & Folding 2 Set (Made in China)
                                        Auto Curing 1 Set (Made in China)

Supply Ability: 12 Million per month

 heat transfer label manufacturer in bangladesh

Heat Transfer Label Unit


Film Heat Transfer Label
Paper Heat Transfer Label
Reflective Heat Transfer Label
High density Heat Transfer Label